Radical Islam

Another anniversary, another military campaign, and more talk from both sides about the threat of radical Islam.

Every time I hear or read a statement from a politician about the threat of “radical Islam,” I want to cry. Let me tell you about radical Islam. Radical Islam is planning your day around prayer, as a reminder that the whole world is not about you, but about God. Radical Islam is spending one month out of the year eating and drinking only before sunrise and after sunset out of solidarity with all those who can’t just have a bite whenever they want. Radical Islam is giving more money than you’re comfortable with to meet your community’s demands, not because you feel good or get recognized, but because God commands it. Radical Islam is knowing that the place where you live with people who look, act, and think like you is not the holiest place on earth, but that the whole earth is holy. Radical Islam is believing and not being afraid to say that there is no God but God, and that God has come to the aid of humans by instructing them how to live in the world God has created. I am a Christian who believes that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. But I thank God for radical Islam. And if I don’t have to apologize for every misdeed of every Christian every time Christianity is mentioned, then my first association with “radical” Islam should be radical submission to the God who created the whole earth and loves it, and not whatever these politicians are talking about.

May God guide the footsteps of all peoples into the way of peace.


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