“Even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow a nest for herself…”

I wrote a reflection/testimonial/thing for my campus ministry’s annual fundraising appeal. While most of the content is quite specific to our context, it gets at something of what I think the church is. So, since I’ve been busy with other tasks and haven’t posted in a while, I figured I’d link and share an excerpt.

…I joined the Episcopal Church through a chapel in the basement of an old house at an American university. There is transcendent beauty to be found there, but it isn’t readily apparent when one first walks in. The pipes are showing, the hymns are accompanied by an electric keyboard (or sometimes not at all), and the liturgy is rarely seamless. The beauty and the sense of awe at God’s grandeur come from what we gather to create, week in and and week out over the school year. Everyone who shows up has a role in creating the beauty of Anglican liturgy in our basement chapel, and bringing about fellowship in our kitchen and living room. Every week, we recruit readers, intercessors, cooks, and preachers. Over the course of a year, we invite students to vocational discernment, board membership, and diocesan involvement. Since we have no gothic sanctuary, professional choir, numerous staff, or large endowment to fall back on, students often find that there is an essential role for them on their second visit (or sometimes even their first). Where we thought we were strangers, we discover that we not just guests, but are at home, and are essential.

Read the rest if you like. And if you randomly feel so called, we would welcome your donations. 🙂